Fisio in Pietrasanta

The beautiful structure has been treated with integrated architectural lighting, which has allowed a full exploitation of spaces well designed by the interior designer Michele Vitaloni. Entering the large reception area, you will notice three holes having different shapes and diameters which produce a soft and diffused light in all directions. These luminaires are perfectly integrated into the ceiling, not giving the impression of recessed lights inserted in a plasterboard ceiling, but of an element integrated into it. The lighting of the desk is generated by the same type of luminaires, only in smaller size with a LED source that guarantees more than sufficient lighting levels with excellent uniformity. Entering the passage area the columns illuminated from above almost dematerialize, and visually bind to the large holes in the entrance area. These architectural elements are illuminated with a lower color temperature than the general lighting of the corridors. The sources used in the corridors perimeter cuts are led, to zero relamping costs.