We design light

We design starting from the needs of our customer and mediating them with the environment in which the project will be realized

The design activity is carried out in team with Studio NIT founded by Maurizio Ciavolella and Giulio Naldi

We design the light knowing that it is a material to be molded to create architectures and lighting scenarios that are able to arouse moods, as expected from a design of excellence.

A good architecture, if badly illuminated, will be mediocre. Vice versa, light can enhance the spaces of a modest work.

Any space can, at night or in the absence of light, appear hostile, welcoming or sophisticated; all sensations attributable to the use of lighting.

The design consultancy goes from on-site inspections to the development of an ad hoc design concept, passing through the lighting engineering of the case, to the elaboration of photorealistic renderings. The eventual sampling tests and the final supply complete the project path offered.